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Tips for Preventing Duct Contamination

Air ducts can become contaminated for many different reasons. Implement the following suggestions for cleaner air ducts.

  • Use efficient air filters. Air filters help to remove small, airborne particles, which decreases the amount of contamination in the room.
  • Maintain HVAC system. Regular maintenance of the entire system, including the cooling coils and drain pans, helps prevent the accumulation of dust and can head off any leaks.
  • Eliminate moisture from system. Leaks in the duct system are a common cause of moisture in the entire system, which can lead to mold and other contaminates.
  • Properly install air ducts. Poor installation and servicing will eventually lead to problems. Make sure the system is correctly sized for the room and all joints are firmly sealed to help eliminate any problems.
Air Duct Leaks and Dust

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