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Trustworthy Service

When we decided to start Lowe’s Air, we knew we wanted to be a transformational force. The air duct cleaning industry was full of bad players, many of whom would use scams including the bait and switch tactic and scare techniques to upsell customers on expensive services they didn’t need.

The legitimate companies that did exist used a complicated estimation system that often left customers confused about the actual cost of the service. We saw an opportunity to simplify the system while offering open, upfront assistance.

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Why Lowe's Air?

Here’s how we break it down for our customers:

We use flat rate pricing to give customers peace of mind and assurance that the price we quote is the price we charge.

We use duct cameras before and after cleaning so you can see the results and be confident the job was done right.

We are precise with our scheduling. We use two-hour arrival-time windows and top-of-the-line technology, so you don’t lose an entire workday waiting around for a tech to show up and complete the work.

flat rate pricing
The quoted price is what you pay

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