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3 Common Causes of Clogged Air Ducts

You may have heard at some point that your air ducts should be cleaned every few years. You might even think about it whenever you look at the dust on your furniture and wonder what your family is breathing in. Lowe’s Air Duct Cleaning offers duct cleaning services to help homeowners cultivate a healthy home environment with cleaner indoor air. We’ll review three common causes of clogged air ducts that warrant air duct cleaning for your home.

Air Duct Cleaning

1. You Live With a Furry Pet or Two

One reason that your air ducts may be clogged is that you share your home with furry pets. Even if you don’t live with any pets, it’s possible that the previous homeowners did. If you or anyone in your household suffers from allergies, this could even make your symptoms worse. Air duct cleaning will help remove the pet hair that has settled into your duct system and provide you with relief.

2. A Recent Home Renovation

We’ve covered this in another article, but home renovations are one of the main culprits for debris inside your air ducts. Nothing creates more dust than sawing and sanding wood and drywall. The dust and contaminants created by your construction project can end up in your duct system, which is blown out into your entire home.

3. Water Contamination or Damage 

If you’ve had any water contamination in your home or your HVAC system, this could become the perfect environment for mold to grow. Leaks and other types of water damage must always be addressed, or else you could breathe in mold-infested air. When Lowe’s Air Duct Cleaning sanitizes your air ducts, our products will eliminate odor-causing microorganisms and those associated with mold, mildew, and bacterial growth.

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Let the professionals at Lowe’s Air Duct Cleaning help you prevent potential health issues caused by air ducts harboring contaminants. Our air duct cleaning service will help you maintain optimal indoor air quality in your home. Contact us today at (800) 699-0955 to learn more about our services or to request a quote. We have multiple locations across the United States, and we invite you to find specials at a location near you.