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4 Ways to Eliminate the Risks of Using Your Dryer

All of the appliances inside your home need to be properly maintained and used with care. Some appliances, such as a clothes dryer, can actually pose a threat with underlying risks to the safety and well-being of your home. Lowe’s Air Duct Cleaning offers professional dryer vent cleaning services to help you avoid these risks, keeping your home free from any dryer-related safety hazards. Let’s go over four ways that you can eliminate any potential risks from using your dryer.

Dryer vent cleaning

1. Always Clean the Dryer’s Lint Trap

One of the easiest things you can do to help maintain the safety of your dryer is to clean the lint trap after each dry cycle. Even though some lint and other debris could build up and become trapped in your vent, it is still absolutely necessary to clean your lint trap. 

2. Don’t Run the Dryer When You Are Away

Your dryer uses a lot of energy and operates at high temperatures, which makes it unsafe to leave running while you are away from home. If something goes wrong, your dryer could quickly catch fire. Lint is highly flammable and contributes to about 3,000 dryer fires each year.

3. Schedule Annual Vent Cleanings

Lowe’s Air Duct Cleaning recommends that you schedule annual dryer vent cleanings to ensure the safety of your dryer. Annual cleanings have other benefits, such as increased dryer efficiency and improved air quality, but your household’s safety is at the forefront of the benefits.

4. Pay Attention to the Warning Signs

Always be aware of the warning signs that you have a lint buildup or another issue with your dryer. If you notice that your clothes are taking longer than usual to dry or your clothes are abnormally hot to the touch, your dryer needs a closer look.

Get Pricing for Dryer Vent Cleaning

The maintenance of your dryer is not something to take lightly, and you need to ensure you are operating it safely. Lowe’s Air Duct Cleaning follows the dryer vent cleaning standards of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. You can contact us today at (800) 699-0955 for more information or to request a quote for your dryer vent cleaning. We have several locations and serve multiple states across the United States, so be sure to check for any available specials in your area