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Common Myths About Cleaning Your Dryer Vent

Have you ever felt that when it comes to caring for your home,” there’s always something?” That’s a common sentiment expressed by homeowners, as you sift through the mountain of home maintenance tasks on your to-do list. It’s hard to decipher what is necessary and what is not, but let us discuss one in particular that is absolutely necessary. Lowe’s Air Duct Cleaning will go over some myths behind the necessity of dryer vent cleaning and reveal the truth.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

A Dryer Vent and a Lint Trap Are the Same Things, Right?

Contrary to what some may believe to be true, a lint trap is completely separate from your dryer vent. The dryer vent is the exhaust system that vents the hot air from your dryer to the exterior of your home, capturing lint and other debris. The lint trap will catch some of this inside your dryer, but it can still build up inside your vent.

I Clean My Lint Trap, So My Vent is Fine

The lint trap will catch some lint, but dust and debris will still enter the dryer vent where it can become stuck and build up over time. Forgotten items, such as tissues, can run through the dryer cycle and create a mess for you. Many vents also have a screen cap to prevent rodents, insects, and/or birds from accessing your vent, but they also make it harder for lint to blow out of the trap.

It’s Only Lint, What Harm Could it Cause?

You may not realize this, but lint is highly flammable. When lint and other debris build up in your dryer, they will reduce the airflow and back up exhaust air into a hot dryer. This creates a dangerous combination that puts you at risk for a fire.

I Understand the Fire Risk; That’s the Only One, Right?

If your dryer is powered by gas, you have the added risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. The vents from gas dryers release carbon monoxide, which may cause a dangerous buildup of the deadly gas if the vent is clogged. This puts you and your family at risk.

I Had My Dryer Vent Cleaned Once, So I’m Good

In addition to cleaning the lint trap with each load of laundry, Lowe’s Air Duct Cleaning recommends dryer vent cleaning each year. It doesn’t take long for the lint and debris from your dryer to build up in the vent and create a fire hazard.

Schedule Your Dryer Vent Cleaning

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