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We acknowledge the importance of dryer vent cleaning. Why, might you ask? Well, if you want to steer clear of becoming one of the 2,900 households affected by clothes dryers sparking house fires each year, then it’s vital. Not only that, but there are additional benefits like improving efficiency and extending your dryer’s lifespan.

To ensure your dryer vent remains clean and to minimize the risk of house fires, we employ our highly effective source removal method. This method allows us to remove sticky lint build-up from your dryer vent thoroughly. Here are a few signs that indicate your dryer needs professional vent cleaning:

  • Decreased dryer efficiency.
  • Clothes coming out damp after a regular cycle.
  • Higher humidity levels around the dryer.
  • Noticeable lint or dirt accumulation in the dryer hose.
Dryer vent cleaning services in Lower Merion, PA

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