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How to Avoid Air Duct Cleaning Scams

Getting your air ducts cleaned is a maintenance item that all homeowners should consider for their homes. Unfortunately, not all companies are honest or follow the appropriate professional standards for cleaning. Lowe’s Air Duct Cleaning would like to encourage you to do your homework before hiring an air duct or dryer vent cleaning company. In an effort to help you get the service you are expecting from whichever company you choose, we have uncovered some of the common scams out there that you should avoid, and will offer our own tips for finding a reputable company.

Air Duct Cleaning

The Mold Test Scam

Some companies will offer a free mold test, but you need to understand that mold tests are not free. They must be sent to a lab and require at least both an indoor and outdoor mold level test to verify if there is a problem.

The Mold Discovery Scam

Some companies will claim to find mold while cleaning your air ducts. They may pressure you to remediate it right then and there at a huge price increase to you because of how dangerous they say that it is. If the professionals at Lowe’s Air Duct Cleaning ever find mold in the ductwork, we immediately stop the service and direct you to call a mold remediation expert to handle the problem.

The Low Price Scam

You might receive coupons or flyers in the mail from a company offering very low pricing to clean the system. They will either do a poor job or they will use the bait-and-switch tactic to upsell you more expensive services.

Tips For Finding a Reputable Company 

It’s always wise to first check with the Better Business Bureau whenever you are selecting a company to provide a service in your home. Next, you should look at the company’s online reviews and read several of them. You could even ask for personal references from those who live around you. Lastly, be sure and check their policies and learn what kind of guarantees they offer.

Request a Quote for Service

Lowe’s Air Duct Cleaning uses flat rate pricing, provides before and after pictures with our duct camera, and offers a 100% money-back guarantee. With over 5,000 highly-rated online reviews, we help customers with dryer vent and air duct cleaningContact us at (800) 699-0955 to request a quote or to learn more about us. We have several locations and serve multiple states across the country.